Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Magic Eraser

Have you ever heard of a Magic Eraser ? If you haven't you need to try it! I have used this handy eraser on my walls before but never would I have thought to use it on my flat top stove! Last week Casey told me that she use it on her stove to take out all the marks made while cooking! I thought WOW that would be great if I could make our stove shine again! Tony seems to forget to watch things while he is cooking (since I do not do the cooking in our house!) and he always boils something over the pan and all over the place! So, tonight I dug out the trusty Magic Eraser and started to scrub away! Guess what?? My stove is like new again, minus out the scratch marks from our pans!

Then I started to look around at what else in the kitchen could I use this on?? I finally found my next attempt! The fan cover above the stove! For some reason our stove cover is covered in grease! I went to town going through 2 Magic Erasers and ta da like new too!

Thanks Magic Eraser!


The Morelli Mafia said...

Interesting!!! I will have to give it a shot!

The Beej said...

Teresa's mom loves those things. I didn't find it that helpful in the bathroom, but I'll have to try it in the kitchen!