Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree - Oh Christmas Tree!

This year we once again had a wonderful opportunity to get a really tree from Edina Realty! I keep telling Tony we are never getting a fake tree so, thanks Traci for keeping us on that list! Well, this year I was not able to go pick up the tree as I needed to make up some hours at work (since I missed a day from Oscar making a mess!). Tony said he would handle it and when I would get home the tree would be all ready to decorate! I thought that was a good deal! He is a big boy "how hard is it to go pick out a tree and bring it home?" Well, when it involves Tony things never seem to go smoothly!

Tony went and picked out the tree around 9am. He called me on his way home to see what time I would be done working. I told him I would be leaving around 12:00 just before the roads would start getting bad. (it was the weekend of our first snow storm! ) Well, around 11:00am my phone rings at work and once again its Tony. As I answered he said "Now, Honey do not be mad!" and I responded with 'Now WHAT did you do!" Then he started to tell me.....Well, you see I stopped and had breakfast at Wampach's on my way home, as I was getting ready to leave there was Knacker (a friend of ours) with a Skill Saw to our tree! I said with what!!!! Well, I guess about 10 years ago the owner of the Pullman Bar in Shakopee played a not so nice joke on Knacker and cut his tree into a bunch of pcs. Knacker was not suppose to be at the bar so he got in lots of trouble! His wife grounded him from the Pullman for 6 months! For some reason he thought it would be funny to play the joke on someone else! He was in the middle of cutting our tree in 1/2 as he got caught!
Tony said it was not that bad. All I was thinking was WHAT THE F***! I told Tony just to put up the tree and I would make due with it! I was not about to go spend $100.00 on a tree! When I got home from work I looked at the tree and thought well, its not that bad. I started to look at the back of it and there was NO branches left!
That is when I lost it! "Why are you and all your guy friends so STUPID! When are you all going to stop acting like your 2! This is not funny at all! I can not even hang lights on it! Oh, I can not let you do anything by yourself!...." As, I was just in the middle of my ranting the doorbell rang. I thought to myself now what could the kids possibly be selling now! As I opened the door there was Knacker with a gorgeous new tree! He said that he was sorry and asked that I not ground Tony from the Pullman. (Like that would ever work!_ Oh, man did I feel stupid! I hope that he did not hear me yelling at Tony!

Anyways, here is the picture of the Edina Realty Tree. See on the right its all GONE!

Here is a closer shot. You can not see the cut in the trunk:(

Its out on our desk now! I am going to have the nephews and nieces make some popcorn strings on Christmas Eve! Then the birds will have a full belly and some shelter!

And this is the new tree

How Lovely are your Branches!

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