Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Got to Love my Dogs!

So, on Sunday night after needing some really good sleep in my own bed we where awaken around 2:00am from the sound of Oscar throwing up. He normally doesn't do this so I cleaned it up and we went back to bed. Then about an hour later Tony woke me up asking "did you just fart?" and I said "no, I am trying to sleep!" A few minutes later he said "no, I think Oscar must have shit in the room cause I can smell dog poop!!!" We got out a bed and pull out the bed and to our surprise......YES, there was SHIT everywhere. Sorry, for using that knotty word but it make me mad! You teach the dog to bark and go potty outside but when they are really suppose to do it they seem to forget!!! So, we spent the night cleaning up dog shit under are bed and let me tell you a dog is no different then a human when its coming out both end but just add in white carpet! I knew it was going to be a long night when he decided to throw up a couple more time in the wee hours of the morning! When he finally threw up the last time we found out what his problem was! We had given him and Bailey a medium size rawhide earlier in the day. Well, Oscar has a thing about eating everything WHOLE! So, he must have swallowed his bone in one bite and then stole Bailey and swallowed that whole too! He threw up both of the bones and they where still on one piece!!

As, we woke up Monday morning around 5:30am I thought to myself there is no way I can go to woke on no sleep and what if he keeps doing this all day? We have no where to kennel him up at and his kennel is at my moms house! So, I did the only thing I thought was right! I called in sick to work...well, I said I was not sick but my dog was! What a great way to call in sick for the first time!!

Thanks for the extra hours of catch up sleep but no more BIG boy bones for Oscar!!!

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Rupp1009 said...

OH MY GOSH! This is such a funny story!!!