Friday, September 25, 2009

What does he look like you ask?

Tony and Mojo at the StateFair (Green Shirt)

1 year check up - going #2 right as Dr. Judy was coming in

Monkey Mask at Party

What a nap after all that cake?

Talking on his phone in his house. BEST GIFT!

Little Bro Justin and someday Sister-in-law Tanya.
I think they are at 10 years!
We never get Justin to smile!

Mojo feeding his favorite Uncle Wade cake



Watch out here I come!


Uncle Justingiving Mojo a ride on the farm
(teaching him how to do chores I hope! )

Holy COWS! where is MOJO!

I am going to get you!

Ok, Cub Foods how much you want for this pic!

Auntie Rachel and Mojo hanging out!

Bailey wants to play too!

Morrison and Mallory (how cute!)

Good Morning Mom!

Morrison at the Car Show!

Auntie Stephi and Mojo in the jumpy!

Cool Shades Dude!

What you want me to brush my teeth?

No, that is what he does when we take his
tooth brush away! He loves to brush his teeth.

What its been 3 months?

Honestly, where the heck did the time go? We have been really busy the last few months and I know 1 things is for sure most of our time is going to a very active now 1 year old. So, looking back since the last time I posted lots has changed! Mojo started walking in July (10 1/2 months), he turned 1 on 9/2, popped 4 teeth at once, then the best yet he finally hit the 21 lbs marker and loves his new front facing car seat! We are still not sure who loves it more mom and dad or him! We had some bad car trips with him still in his infant carrier!

Morrison Joe had a wonderful first birthday party! We had a great big party with all of our family and friends! We had a jumpy, tons of toys for the kids, cake and ice cream too! Morrison was in a great mood ALL day and enjoyed everyone and the gifts! THANKS!

Oh, I almost forgot but I am not sure if this is a sign of how the rest of his birthday's will go but we did have the police here twice! Yes, and the second time resulted in a NOISE Ordinance! Not sure what neighbors did not like us but again if you are reading this you got the wrong party! I do not know what the fine is as I have to go to Court! Stay tune for the update in October!

Other then our same old boring lives :) we are all LOVING life! We have a couple fun weekend in October planned and I have a feeling before I blink again we will have snow on the ground!

Before I forget - We had Morrison's pictures taken at Stephanie Dehler Photography in Lonsdale. I was a bit challenging as Morrison does not like to sit still but we got tons of great pictures! PLEASE check out her site at and you can see Morrison on the blog site.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's new

Well, one thing is for sure time is flying!

Tony and I have been enjoying some time on the Golf Course but it seems that every time Tony gets out it rains! For example, again tonight he had a tournament and they ended up stopping cause it was pouring out! Not really sure I would have enjoyed it either!

We have a couple new additions at our house! Over Memorial weekend we came home to a robin's nest on our front bricks! We had 3 eggs that finally all hatched!! They are kinda ugly right now but I am sure they will be really cute soon! Oh, we are down to 2 birds as 1 fell out today!

Morrison had his 9 month check up yesterday (yes, I am behind by a couple weeks!) He is now weighing in at 18.20 lbs (18% for those of you keeping track) and 28.3 inches (47% almost to 50% for the first time on anything!). Dr. Judy says he is growing just perfectly but to not be surprised if he falls right OFF the charts once he starts to walk. Man, Mojo just does not get a break! Well, the good thing is she thinks is calm outgoing personality is here to stay! Right, we will see when terrible 2 hit! The kid already makes fists and screams when we take something way from him (that he should not have!) No, he is a great boy! Still seems to amaze me every day! Would not change anything!

What else have we been up to??
Oh, the end of May we had a WONDERFUL weekend in Duluth. Tony had given me a weekend getaway for my birthday! Its was absolutely beautiful! Anyone looking for a place to say I highly recommend Fitgers, we stayed in one of the suites. Check the website out for deals! We spent Saturday at Gooseberry Falls hiking!

Then it was Memorial Weekend. We spent the weekend at out friends cabins. The Sullivans are such great people! We are really looking forward to more cabin weekends!

We had a porch put in out front and back yard! I LOVE IT!

We have taken a couple trips to the zoos! Anyone wanting to go let the Kaufhold know we might already be there! Mojo think he should life with the monkey's and eat bananas all day!

We purchased a new bike seat for Morrison! Anyone looking for one I have a contact for you! $80.00 and its well worth it!

What's coming up? I have all next week off! Yes, another week of but no pay. Really its ok as long as the weather is nice! Then we have out first camping (trailer) weekend with Mojo. Keeping out fingers crossed we make it all weekend! And before we know it, it will be July 4th!

Hope you keep enjoying summer!


Stuck under chair or pants just to long??

HM, if I push this button.....

It turns on Yo Gabba Gabba!

GET ME OUT OF HERE! Ok, I had to laugh and grab the camera before I saved him!

Yes, I found the Tupperwear!

Everythings going to be alright!

First Time in a lake!

First boat ride!

First sink bath at the cabin!

9 month pictures

Look at my 2 teeth

AHH say baseball!

Here is me getting mad!

Look at my Helmet and my new ride (his seat is on our bike in background)

Bike ride to Grandma's!

Hanging with my aunts

Our new patio and birds nest under the 1921

Mojo's hand prints

And our birdies!

Gosseberry Fall

Lester Park Golf Course

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bang Bang

Morrison is determined to either
1) Get his first stitches
2) Get into the entertainment center!

Leave us a comment and we will see what happens in the next month!