Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 12

Where did the time go? Tomorrow is the start if my last week of maternity leave:( I will be back to work on Tuesday the 25th! Yes, I only have to work 2 days but still its going to be so hard! As I look back on the past 11 weeks wow has my (our) life changed in so many ways! There have been ups and downs but let me tell you being a mom has been the greatest gift in the world! I know Tony would also say being a dad is great too! I am really going to miss spending just about every minute with my little man! I know that he will do great at daycare and it will be good for both of us! I guess it's just one of the many things a new mommy does not want to face! I will be enjoying every minute of my last week home before its back to reality!

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