Monday, November 3, 2008

2 Month Check Up

Morrison had his 2 month check up today! He was a GREAT boy and just cried for a few minutes! He only had to get 2 shots, 1 in each leg as they came out with a new grouping last month! I do not think I could handle more then that!

He is now weighing in at 9.14lbs and 21 inches! Yes, just a little guy in the 25% for his weight but we are enjoying it! I am not sure what these parents do when they have 9+ lbs babies - its just not right!

Here are some pictures to document the before and after the shots!

Yeah, I broke the 9lbs mark! Good thing I had a full belly and I wet my diaper!

- What is going on?

- Daddy telling me everything is going to be ok and I am tuff!
- Ok daddy I trust you!

- Daddy what did they do? Look at my red face!
It only lasted about 5 minutes then he fell asleep for the next 4 hours!


The Morelli Mafia said...

Poor little buddy! He is getting so big (for being so little..haha)!!!!

The Queen Beej said...

Oh, i can't imagine the shots! Looks like he did well though.