Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finally a new tub!

For about the past 6 months I really have not been able to take a bath as we had a water leak somewhere! Our downstairs bathroom ceiling was starting to get water damage and it only grew each time I took a bath! So, I finally confessed to filling the tub over the overflow which did not make my husband happy at all as he thought that was the reason for the leak! So a few baths without filling the tub to high it was still leaking! We ended up deciding that we would replace the tub as I wanted something deeper that I could enjoy some relaxing time! We also found out the drain on the tub was the reason for the leak! Thanks to my loving husband and all his work connections he found someone cheaper then the $8000 quote from Home Depot. I now have a new tub and title job! I can not wait to use it but it will be another week as the seal coat on the title needs to set!
Thanks TONY!




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That looks great!