Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Embarrassing!

So, we just got home from our 25 week check up and everything is going great! Beside the fact I have gained to much weight! I am up a total of 20 lbs since our first check up and 10 of those are in the past 4 weeks (more like 1 according to my scale) Guessing the plate of brownies I ate since Sunday is not healthy? My doctor said I should only look at trying to gain 5-10 more pounds the last 15 weeks. Well I guess its nothing but egg whites for me! (Traci that worked for you right??) I really do not care to much but I will start to hit the gym and walk a bit more!

Anyway to the Embarrassing Part

As Tony and I are walking in the door to the OB area (As I have walked through a crowd of people already!) Tony goes "what the heck your pants are ripped!" Thinking he is joking I just felt my butt for him! Sure enough my ass cheek was hanging out! I instantly turn red as the is waiting room right in front of me is full of people! I pull down my shirt and sneak to the nearest chair! As we are in with my nurse she just says take your hoody and wrap it around you! Oh what a life saver that was!

Doctor Nelson assures me its not that I have gained to much weight in the past 4 weeks it just faulty pants! I really hope she is right or all the shopping I did over the weekend was for nothing!

All Tony says is "That is my Double Wide" - its my nickname that he came up with. How sweet!

Here are my awesome pants! If you double click the picture you can see it better!


The Morelli Mafia said...

OMG, what a nightmare!!!!!! Only you Jen, only you! ;) I love how you can laugh at it. Good for you. Give Tony a smack upside the head for me..

The Queen Beej said...

That is so wrong that Tony calls you that, but I can somehow envision Daniel, someday, coming up with an equally wrong nickname!

I would take those pants back and blame it on some fault manufacturing!!