Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week 30

Ok - I started this on Wed. but forgot to post!

Wow time flew! 10 weeks to go! For those of you who do not know I am feeling great now that the walking pneumonia and bronchitis have cleared! I think Tony wants the sick Jen back as I have so much energy! Sorry - the mood swings do not go away and there are no meds for those!

Anyways - just got back from the doctor and things a perfect! She did not say anything about the weight gain (which again was not good) but I was back on the prednisone. (I will keep using that excuse:) Had a follow up ultra sound and the placenta has moved into the correct place so everyone is happy! Including the baby as he/she again would not stay still!

Week 30 - Here are this weeks pics!

Tony wanted to be included too! All those sympathy beers:


The Queen Beej said...

yay. Love the new pics. Especially Tony's! Hee!

The Morelli Mafia said...


Rupp1009 said...

You look GREAT!!!! and you too, Tony! :)