Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Stuck under chair or pants just to long??

HM, if I push this button.....

It turns on Yo Gabba Gabba!

GET ME OUT OF HERE! Ok, I had to laugh and grab the camera before I saved him!

Yes, I found the Tupperwear!

Everythings going to be alright!

First Time in a lake!

First boat ride!

First sink bath at the cabin!

9 month pictures

Look at my 2 teeth

AHH say baseball!

Here is me getting mad!

Look at my Helmet and my new ride (his seat is on our bike in background)

Bike ride to Grandma's!

Hanging with my aunts

Our new patio and birds nest under the 1921

Mojo's hand prints

And our birdies!

Gosseberry Fall

Lester Park Golf Course


poli said...

que fofo o seu bebe

poli said...

que lindo o bebe