Friday, September 25, 2009

What does he look like you ask?

Tony and Mojo at the StateFair (Green Shirt)

1 year check up - going #2 right as Dr. Judy was coming in

Monkey Mask at Party

What a nap after all that cake?

Talking on his phone in his house. BEST GIFT!

Little Bro Justin and someday Sister-in-law Tanya.
I think they are at 10 years!
We never get Justin to smile!

Mojo feeding his favorite Uncle Wade cake



Watch out here I come!


Uncle Justingiving Mojo a ride on the farm
(teaching him how to do chores I hope! )

Holy COWS! where is MOJO!

I am going to get you!

Ok, Cub Foods how much you want for this pic!

Auntie Rachel and Mojo hanging out!

Bailey wants to play too!

Morrison and Mallory (how cute!)

Good Morning Mom!

Morrison at the Car Show!

Auntie Stephi and Mojo in the jumpy!

Cool Shades Dude!

What you want me to brush my teeth?

No, that is what he does when we take his
tooth brush away! He loves to brush his teeth.