Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 2009

Well, April has come and is almost gone! I am hoping the next week slows down as my Golden Birthday will be here on the 29th! Little scary to think I am going to be 29! Feels like yesterday I was saying my golden birthday if so far away!

So, what have we been up to this month??
Enjoying walks outside, trips to the zoo, hanging out in the driveway, yard work (well Tony has been), bike rides, hanging out with family, painting and really looking for things to slow down a bit!

Morrison has 1 tooth on the bottom that is all the way threw and cutting 2 more! He has been a real trooper with 1 bad night and that has been it! He is ready to crawl but likes to take the easy way out and do the worm! I am not so sure out the carpet burns on the knees! He loves to pull himself up on things and has been making it challenging for mom to get anything done. Oh, well I would rather just play around anyways!

We hope everyone is enjoying spring and we will see you out and about!

Sippy Cup Time Already!

I found the dog bowl!

Can you find MoJo?

Making a mess with the toys

Bald Eagle at the MN Zoo

Brockton and Morrison on Easter

My first Bike Ride

That was fun!


Hanging out on the driveway!

Is anyone looking at me?

Suprise, I am not napping!

Ha Ha, now you have to lower the crib!

Like my carpet burned knees!

Now try and stand up!

Finger Painting

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Julie O said...

He is just so super cute!! Love the new pictures!!