Monday, October 20, 2008

Yes, he is getting bigger

Wow, time does fly! It feels like yesterday I was still laying in my moms pool saying "I really do not want to go to work tomorrow! I hope I go into labor!".
Now, we are enjoying Morrison Joe and I have proof that he is getting bigger! We are not sure what he weighs, if we have to guess he is a bit over 9lbs.
Before I know it we will be heading off to daycare/work but I am not going to let the next 5 weeks go by any faster then they need to!

9-8-08 - 6 days old

9-28-08 - 25 days

10-19-08 - 6 weeks 5 days

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The Queen Beej said...

Look how much he has changed! so, so cute!