Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Morrison meets Great Grandma Bette

Sorry for the song but it just fit perfect keep reading!

This past Sunday my Grandma Bette took a bus tour from Hibbing to Stillwater to ride one of the last trips on The MN Zephyr. Will since she has not been able to drive down to meet Morrison we (my mom, aunt Michelle and sister Rachel) thought we would surprise her! She was so happy to spend a little bit of time with us and so excited to meet Morrison!

Great Grandma Bette and Morrison

Great Aunt Michelle and Morrison
She carried him around Stillwater like this and he loved it!

Then as most of you are aware there is never a dull moment in anything I do! As we got back to the car I figured I better change the little man before we hit the road home! As I started to change Morrison he decided he needed to go pee. So, I picked him up after he was done to wipe the care seat off and as I started to say....."Watch now he is going to poop.....and before I could say on me HE LET IT GO! Yes, he pooped all over me, the running board and the street!
Lesson learned....do not open my mouth, do not lift Morrison up without a diaper on....and pack myself an extra change of clothes to!

Oh, and to add Dad has had 2 blow outs with the little guy! I now know he gets that from his father not mom!

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