Monday, March 31, 2008

My new favorite store!

Well, for those of you that do not know I am pregnant. I am 18 weeks along and this are going great! Our due date is September 2nd! I finally broke down this weekend and head out to by some new jeans! Mine where just not going to work and more! Not only was were they cutting into my skin I thought the baby would enjoy a little more room to grow in! I headed to Macy's thinking I would find some nice jeans that where going to me long enough and not cost to much! Well, was I wrong! After about 20 pair of jeans I was ready to start crying! I asked the lady if she had anything that I could get in longs...lets just say she should not have been working in the maternity section that day! She said no and I just about punched her! Oh- wow I think the hormones where coming out! Then some really nice shopper told me to head over to Motherhood as she was sure they would have a pair that I would like! She was taller then I and said she found some really cute ones there! So, I bought a couple shirts and stuff from the clearance rack and head to Motherhood! Well, lets just say its a good thing I only had an hour left before I had to leave to get home! I LOVE the store! I bought 3 pairs of pants and about 10 different tops! I could have kept shopping but I thought I better wait a bit longer until it gets nice out! Who ever said that maternity clothes are not cute well I love them but then again it give me a reason to shop and the husband can not get made at me. I think I am going to stop on the way home and get some dress pants! The ones I have a fine but I like shopping!

Hurry up weather and warm up so I can get some new cute clothes to wear!

The one thing I will dread is a new swimsuit for the summer but I am hoping Motherhood will come through again!

And for those looking for a picture....I will update on week 20! We have our official ultrasound 4-16-08!


Rupp1009 said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Have fun shopping and getting ready for baby!

The Queen Beej said...

can't wait to see you all preggers and in maternity wear! Love it!