Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, as the temperature finally reached 40 today, Tony and I spent most of our day looking for somewhere to go on VACATION! We need some hot sun and one last get away before our life changes to Disney World Vacations! We need some ideas! We really want to go back to Mexico (Playa Del Carmen) but we do not want to do the All Inclusive Plan. (We are trying to be adventurous and stay on a budget!)

We want to stay downtown Playa, and I really want to hotel to have a pool! We are looking to go March 8-15th! Does anyone have any recommendations???

Oh - does anyone know if you can book 1 room and have 1 person do All Inclusive and the other person not? Since I can not drink I really do not see paying $40.00-$50.00 extra a day for food!

Or, does anyone know anywhere warm in the States that we can go?? I just want the sun and Tony wants a cold beer! Oh and good FOOD!

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The Queen Beej said...

Since I never get to go on vacation AND I've never been to Mexico, I have no good suggestions for you, but whatever you end up doing, know that I wish I was with you!